Q. Why do I need a sealant on my car when it already has a clear coat?

A. Vehicle's factory clear coat is paint without pigment. Just like paint, the clear coat is prone to fading, oxidation and environmental hazards and needs to be protected. 

Q. Isn't paint and interior covered under the manufacturer's warranty? 

A. Only manufacturer defects are covered by the manufacturer's warranty. The manufacturer clearly states that they will not be held responsible for damage resulting from environmental or atmospheric conditions. 

Q. How do I know when to have the Premier Paint Protection reapplied? 

A. Auto Butler will send you a reminder card the month prior to the date your reapplication is due. When you receive this card, please contact your dealership to make an appointment. 

Q. It's already been 6 months and I haven't received a card, what should I do? 

A. Please contact us to make sure we have your correct and most recent address in our system. Our contact information is in the banner on the right, or call us at (800) 782-3466 

Q. Why do I need to bring my vehicle back every 6 months? 

A. Extensive research proves that no paint protection product made today will last more than a year without "rejuvenation" or reapplication. Regular reapplication of Auto Butler Premier Paint Protection guarantees that your vehicle has the protection it needs to prevent permanent damage to the vehicle's finish. 

Q. How long is my warranty for? 

A. Your warranty is either for 3 or 5 years from the date you purchased your vehicle. Consult the Auto Butler warranty form you received when you purchased your vehicle. 

Q. What does my paint warranty protect against? 

A. The Auto Butler Premier Paint Protection II warranty protects against environmental damage, tree sap, bird droppings, fading and oxidation. This warranty does NOT protect against chips or scratching on the vehicle. 

Q. Can I still wax my vehicle? 

A. After having the Premier Paint Protection II applied to your vehicle, there is no need to wax. However waxing your vehicle will not harm the paint protection or void your warranty. We also recommend regularly washing your vehicle using a soft cloth car wash.